What are I AM ME affirmation cards?

‘I AM ME’ affirmation cards for children are a pack of forty-four cards focused around constructive thoughts that children can repeat as often as they wish to encourage positive thinking.

In a time where social media, bullying and self-esteem issues are so prevalent, ‘I AM ME’ is a fun way of dealing with what’s going on in our children’s lives. What resonates with them one week may change the next, finding new meaning each time they explore the cards.

The cards are A5 in size and double-sided, featuring beautiful illustrations with affirmations which help maintain a healthy frame of mind. Themes focus around dealing with bullying, improving self-esteem, body confidence and health and wellbeing.

‘I AM ME’ cards are modern, school focused, on point and easy for parents to discuss with their children.

The target market for ‘I AM ME’ cards is children between three and thirteen-years of age.

Affirmation Cards for kids
Affirmation Cards for kids
I AM ME - affirmation cards for children

Creator – Chelsea Blake Aylward


‘I AM ME’ cards have been inspired from raising my children. We write affirmations on the mirror in the bathroom regularly and the children repeat them regularly after brushing their teeth or washing their hands.

As all kids are different, I found there were specific affirmations suitable for individual children to help with whatever they may have been dealing with at the time. One of my son’s was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder when he was two, and as a result I created specific affirmations for him.

The practice of writing and repeating the affirmation for my family has been a great help for us all, especially the children. I have since realised there is a huge gap in the market for affirmations for this age group hence the “I AM ME’ cards were born.

We need to learn from an early age to have good self esteem and self respect. So we can respect others through understanding and tolerance.

My goal is to improve the self esteem of our children enabling them to grow within a safe, healthy, happy and well balanced life.

Self-esteem is the feeling of total acceptance and love for yourself as you are, regardless of what you may see as your faults, problems or mistakes, regardless of your looks, race, creed or status.

When we live as who we are, happy in our own skin, we feel good!

I AM ME - affirmation cards for children

Illustrator—Caitlin Ziegler

Caitlin Ziegler also lives and works in Melbourne. She is a graphic designer and illustrator, running her own practice since 2005. Her work has been published by Penguin Books, Oxford University Press and exhibited in the Australian Poster Annual. She has taught Swinburne University, was Co-president of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) in Victoria and National Secretary in 2009, and was a preliminary judge for the Premier’s Design Awards in 2010. She does branding and illustration for the Great Australian Beer Festival, has illustrated and restored wallpaper designs for Wilding Wallpaper and created character and set designs for Cybersmart’s online games. She has also illustrated three books – Don’t Drink and Dial (with Kimberly Palmer, published by Penguin Books) Pip & Percy and the search for Nan’s tomato soup (by Kylie Allardice, published by Read Green Publications) and Look Daddy, I’ve got an ice cream (by Jennie Bickmore-Brand).

As a mother of school-aged children, Caitlin is well aware of the need for mindfulness and attention to children’s self-esteem. Her son’s school runs regular mindfulness programs focused on ‘growth mindset’ and building resilience.

Caitlin is currently studying creative writing. You can see her work at caitlinziegler.com

I AM ME - affirmation cards for children

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