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I am me cards
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Affirmation Cards for Children


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I AM ME’ affirmation cards for children are a box of 44 affirmation cards focused on building self esteem in children with constructive thoughts that children can repeat as often as they wish to encourage positive thinking.

The cards are A5 in size and double-sided, featuring beautiful illustrations with affirmations which help maintain a healthy frame of mind. Themes focus around dealing with bullying, improving self-esteem, body confidence and health and wellbeing.


Building self esteem in children

Low self esteem can begin in childhood and continue into adulthood causing great emotional pain. I AM ME affirmation cards for children focus on the need to learn from an early age to have good self esteem and self respect.

Building self esteem in children enables them to grow within a safe, healthy, happy and well balanced life.

Self-esteem is the feeling of total acceptance and love for yourself as you are, regardless of what you may see as your faults, problems or mistakes, regardless of your looks, race, creed or status.

When we live as who we are, happy in our own skin, we feel good!
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Dimensions 25 × 35 × 2 cm
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